Work for a fairer and more fulfilling world. Be useful.

That is ZAZ’s leitmotiv since she was a little girl. Once famous, her determination has taken shape through her project, ZAZIMUT.

According to ZAZ, emphasis must be placed on educational renewal for today’s children to become fulfilled and happy adults thus offering a different role model to society.

Everywhere she sings, ZAZ notices:

  • That the number of citizens seeking to work for a more sustainable, supportive and responsible society is increasing constantly.
  • That the initiatives they undertake abound and often federate.
  • That however, political attemps to act on more global scale are not meeting our expectations, as they either level down the requirements expressed or they over simplify reality and therefore « miss the mark ».

Because our world is a complex one and that a single solution to our problems does not exist, ZAZ has decided to take advantage of her reputation in favour of those whose actions deserve to be more widely known for the change they offer.

Her project revolves around 4 axes :