Taking action, being useful. This is ZAZ’s leitmotiv since she was a child. This determination took shape through her project ZAZIMUT.

According to ZAZ we must pay attention to educational renewal. This is where we have to put the emphasis, in order for today’s children to become fully blossomed and joyful grown-ups, capable of carrying the innovative initiatives that we need. She is supporting and leading actions in sync with this idea through her association ZAZIMUT.


Zazimut also offers high visibility to local project leaders all along the artist’s road.
Wherever the artists sings, associations follow, because she can notice that:

  • Citizens are looking more and more to to work toward a more sustainable, more caring and more responsible society
  • Attempted initiatives should start locally, on a small scale, in order to not skip steps and have the time to grow. Indeed, political attempts to act on a broader scale are not sufficient, either because they level down the expressed requirements, or they simplify the reality and “miss the point” completely.


Thus, the ZAZIMUT project grows at each one of ZAZ’s concerts, as she notices how much the public is kindly open-minded. Indeed, one of the projects main emphasis is the creating and animating a vibrant network of committed actors throughout the world.


Those who sign this charter commit themselves by agreeing to the following articles.

ZAZIMUT Network Founding principles

The Zazimut network is composed of both structures and people working for a more respectful and sustainable society.

Instead of bringing people together to follow a set model, the Zazimut network’s cultural wealth resides in the diversity of each initiative and their interactions.
Each charter signatory shares a common conviction: Biodiversity is essential to finding solutions in the complex world we all live in.

ZAZIMUT Network Aim 

The aim of the ZAZIMUT Network is to contribute to a more responsible society, working on interactions between the all stakeholders who take on not only local action but also on a global scale (animation, communication, pooling, etc.).

With great tolerance regarding the solutions to bring, each signatory accepts to be part of an approach of research for continuous improvements. This allows shifting our structures and ways of working so that they would evolve into models acceptable to all humans, and by extension all living beings.

ZAZIMUT Network Objectives

To achieve its target, the ZAZIMUT Network sets two main goals:

  • Contribute to bringing all initiatives closer together, actors that work at making a more perennial, united and responsible society, especially regarding the management of living beings and their life environments.
  • Make exchanges among members easier and keep an eye out for common interest that could arise from their interactions, especially if they serve the aim expressed in Article 2. Indeed, just like a complex system, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

Governance and operation of the ZAZIMUT Network

The network’s operational package tries hard to reinforce the involvement of each signatory. Thus, it allows :


  • Updating both the network’s common intention and its objectives. A network is built and invented at the same time as it is lived, depending on members’ involvement. You not only belong to a network, you are a stakeholder.
  • Providing accessible and useful information for everyone.
  • Discussing, approving and implementing both developed actions as well as the necessary means.


To achieve this, the network will use a “facilitation committee”, composed of one or several relevant persons, the aim being to:


  • Make a collaborative web platform in accordance with the principles of the Charter.
  • Provide a practical and methodological support to the network managers.
  • Assist active members for both conception and implementation of their own projects, specifically when it can benefit the entire community of actors.


Even though French is the native network language, other languages will be systematically used for exchange and communication.

Charter principles commitment

The Zazimut network approach is based on its member’s capacity and desire to launch a common project, according to both above governance, freedom and prerogatives to participate for everyone.

  • Everyone can decide at any time to interrupt their commitment.
  • Everyone can freely choose their means of commitment (financial support, expert assessment, human or technical resources…).
  • The Charter is open to the commitment of new signatories, with the requirement that they be invited by ZAZIMUT Network members that have already agreed to this Charter.
  • The Charter is editable with the agreement of all the signatories.