Become a Member

To join Zazimut is to :

– Become a member and contribute to the development of our association’s project.
– Get involved and become a volunteer during projects and events launched by the association.
– Back our goals, our mindset and our charter.
– Be introduced to a network of bodies committed to caring for living beings in all of their shapes and sizes.

The association enables all of its members to :

– Join an international network full of meaning.
– Participate in gatherings and plenary meetings to exchange, share, chat…
– Be part of a whole that is committed to a sustainable future.

Who can become a member?

The association is open to all, as long as you accept our values and our charter.

Why join ?

The more we are to bring it to life, the better the association will function. Our strength lies in uniting ourselves around a network of NGOs and bodies that are committed to education, culture and the environment, while using concerts, shows and educational and cultural interventions as launchpads to push the different publics forward and beam out our values. We do not claim to put everything back into order. But together, we will be able to participate in supporting alternative ways of living together, all while preserving the vital elements for healthy living beings all around the world.

How to join :

To become a member, all you need to do is to complete the membership form and send it back to us along with your membership fee. This annual fee amounts to :
– 10 euros if you are an individual
– 30 euros if you are a non-profit legal entity (Association, NGO…)
– 100 euros if you are a for-profit legal entity.

If you would like to roll in an association or a company, we would ask that you write us here: