Join ZAZIMUT means

  • Become a member and thus contribute to the development of its associative’s project.
  • Become involved and volunteer during projects and events promoted by the NGO
  • Support its targets, state of mind, status…
  • Integrate a network of NGOs, structures that are committed to the living in all its forms with as main axes: education, culture and sustainable development.

Who can join ?

Everyone can join, as soon as both charter and status are agreed.

Association allows to all members 

  • To join a meaning international network
  • To attend meeting to share and discus….
  • To promote and develop zazimut’s project
  • To be part of a collective committed to a sustainable future.

Subscription modalities

– To become a member, simply complete the membership form available on request at:
– The amount of the annual membership fee is :
10 euros for individual members
30 euros for NGOs
100 euros for companies

To conclude, why join ?

The association will function all the better as we will be numerous to make it live. Our strength is to bring together a network of NGOs, structures committed to education, culture and the environment and to rely on concerts, shows, educational and cultural activities to federate the public and spread our values more widely.

We don’t pretend to put everything in order, but together we will be able to participate in supporting other ways of being together, while preserving the essential elements for a healthy life.

The Zazimut’s team.

To join the association:

Join ZAZIMUT web platform

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Here is the membership form