Join ZAZIMUT means

  • Becoming member, and thus  contribute to project development.
  • Commit to get those intentions succeed, because this society project success depends on our wishes to progress together
  • Support its targets, state of mind, working principles, status. We hope that you’ll completly read it before joining us with full knowledge of the facts.

Who can join ?

Everyone can join, as soon as both charter and status are agreed. 

Association allows to all members 

  • To join a meaning international network
  • To attend meeting to share and discus
  • To promote and develop zazimut project

Subscription modalities

  • To join to must fill-in the entry form and send it with according dues to association office.
  • Annual dues is 10 euros for individuals and  100 euros for legal entity.
  • Both legal  entity and association obey to association board decision.

To conclude, why join ?

Network will function at full capacity especially as will be enough to make it live. Strength of  this network lies in Show and thus spread and be open toward people without any association feedbacks.

We do not have for ambition to change everything but together we can propose and support new ways of living in addition to protect main living being elements on earth.

On behalf of Zazimut, Isabelle, Pomme and Olivier.

Please contact us to get your subscription document at :

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