Shifting debates with the CMJ

10 Oct 2019

What are preoccupies the youth from a certain region about climate change ?

The Crussol Festival is the perfect opportunity to meet youth from the French regions Drôme and Ardèche. In 2019, Zazimut and our partners organized a civic moment moderated for young people by the young people from the Municipal Councils of Guilherand-Granges, Saint Gorges-les-Bains and Soyons (three smaller cities around Valence, France).

Shifting debates are a form of dynamic debating where each participant is involved and takes a stand – literally positioning themselves physically. This helps understand the ins and outs of a situation in very little time.

In order to walk the youth through this process and give them the necessary tools for the debate, this cultural activity was enhanced by an encounter with the French artist and journalist Christophe Vignal, author and actor in the show le Propre de l’homme « le Propre de l’homme » (« the Essence of mankind »).