Project “Music and Sound” with Saint-Péray junior-high

15 Jun 2019

Studying sound frequency through practical instrumental time with the Saint-Péray junior-high.

In 2019, a teacher at the Saint-Péray junior-high reached out to us in order to display an educational project her class had worked on that year on the Crussol Festival stage. Twenty or so 14 year old students had each created their own instrument using recycled objects (glass bottles, oil cans, tubs…) as they studied sound propagation. Then, aided by the school’s music professor, this orchestra of instruments was accompanied by a piano, guitar and flute. In this way they were able to produce two musical pieces to play on the festival’s stage.

Because we believe that musical education is a lever towards everyone’s success, it was an immense joy to follow and accompany this project all the way up to the teenagers performance on stage. It was a great opportunity to showcase their work and have them discover the trade of the stage.