ZAZIMUT is proud to present the next ZAZ tour “Links for Tomorrow”
It will be an opportunity for ZAZ at these concerts across Europe to present the associations and NGOs that will be present each evening in concert, in each city.  If they’ve decided to join the network ZAZIMUT, they do think, as we do, it’s up to us to make things happen for a society more respectful of life in all its forms.

Joining  ZAZIMUT network means joining a network of partners around the world.
Join ZAZIMUT is to share your experiences, your events on a platform that will allow us to enrich our projects locally to advance all together globally. Join us and help build a more respectful society in all its forms

NEWS : ZAZIMUT as a partner network

Hundreds of partners have joined ZAZIMUT since the last ZAZ Tour around the world.Gathered around ZAZIMUT, officially non profit organisation, we do all share the common vision to tend toward a more living being respectfull society.

Now private are joining us to talk, share, and present their local initiative.
Take a look at the map to overview the network


Some children and their teacher have imagined for ZAZIMUT a semi-collaborative board game.

According to ZAZIMUT, playing allows you to bond with each other, and to flourish.

A game can also convey values and be a source of learning. The idea came up to develop a board game which would be imagined by primary-school children as part of their education to motivate them to test, on a real project, the adventure of cooperation.
The partnership with an editor allows their project to become concrete.

Promoting local structures during ZAZ’s concerts to invite the public into discovering a forward-looking project and to get involved.

We are partnering with a local non-profit structure at each concert in order to create an event around ZAZIMUT booth  and promote the projects that inspired us.

Whilst awaiting for the subtitles of each presentation to be available, you’ll find here the video interviews of all partners who agreed to take part. Thank you to everyone for their commitment, enthusiasm and their wonderful achievements!