NEWS : ZAZIMUT lives on the rhythm of our tours.

As soon as we have some time off, we are working on the development of products like a useful and playful game or on projects like this new website.

Some children and their teacher have imagined for ZAZ a semi-collaborative board game.

According to ZAZ, playing enables people to connect, to improve one’s relationship with others and to flourish…

A game can also convey values and be a source of learning. The idea came up to develop a board game which would be imagined by primary-school children as part of their education. What a great adventure for the kids!

The game currently in development will be « semi-cooperative » which means there could be a winner but everyone could lose or win together as well. It will give a very particular importance to non-violent communication but there will also be, as key ingredients of a successful game : laughter and fear and for those we can count on kids!

Promoting local structures during ZAZ’s concerts to invite the public into discovering a forward-looking project and to get involved.

We are partnering with a local non-profit structure at each concert in order to create an event around Zaz’s merchandising booth and promote the projects that inspired us.

Whilst awaiting for the subtitles of each presentation to be available, you’ll find here the video interviews of all partners who agreed to take part. Thank you to everyone for their commitment, enthusiasm and their wonderful achievements!