“Effet miroir” 2019 ZAZ tour

With the upcoming release of her new album “Effet miroir” ZAZ takes us once on the roads of the European and world stage.
Find here all the dates of the tour.

This will be another opportunity for ZAZIMUT to highlight the new partners of its network!
Looking forward to seeing them? Join us on the concert routes.

ZazimutFest Crussol 2018

The second edition of the ZazimutFest Crussol was once again a great moment of exchange and conviviality.
The citizen village has gathered several thousand visitors at the foot of the “théâtre de verdure” (concert space) and shows how much exchange and experimentation are part of the expectations of visitors.

Find here all the news and the open on November 9th of the ticketing edition # 3 2019

ZAZ has presented “Links for tomorow”

ZAZIMUT was proud to present the ZAZ tour “Links for Tomorrow” last june 2018
It was an opportunity for ZAZ at these concerts across Europe to present the associations and NGOs that were present each evening in concert, in each city.  If they’ve decided to join the network ZAZIMUT, they do think, as we do, it’s up to us to make things happen for a society more respectful of life in all its forms.

Joining  ZAZIMUT network means joining a network of partners around the world.
Join ZAZIMUT is to share your experiences, your events on a platform that will allow us to enrich our projects locally to advance all together globally. Join us and help build a more respectful society in all its forms

ZAZIMUT : An international partners network

Hundreds of partners have joined ZAZIMUT since the last ZAZ Tour around the world.Gathered around ZAZIMUT, officially non profit organisation, we do all share the common vision to tend toward a more living being respectfull society.

Now private are joining us to talk, share, and present their local initiative.
Take a look at the map to overview the network